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    Delivery Details

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Delivery Details

Shopping TrolleyThe shop contains a variety of test products. None of these are actually for sale. They are here for demonstration purposes only

You may buy using our dummy credit card, so you can go through the whole process, try it out, and it doesn't cost you a penny. Then you will receive an email telling you what you could have bought!

In the Delivery Details screen you may see before you buy, what would be charged for delivery. We have no hidden markups. What you pay is based on the weight of your order and where you want it delivered to. During the checkout process you will be offered a list of options based on the weight and destination of your order.

If you want to check out the postage options on this screen, simply select the country to which you want delivery made. The corresponding options will be displayed. If your delivery country is not listed, then please contact us for a quote.

Please select the delivery country:
Package Weight Range Shipping Method
From To
--Nil-- 50grams First Class  First Class   0.30  
--Nil-- 4.00kg UK Shipping 1  < 4,000g   7.20  
--Nil-- 10.00kg Insured Package  Insured Package   23.45  
--Nil-- 10.00kg UK Hand Delivery  Uk Hand Delivery < 10,000g   45.67  
--Nil-- 1000000.00kg Collect in store  Item will be held instore for collection   0.00  
4.00kg 6.00kg UK Shipping 2  < 6,000g   8.17  
6.00kg 8.00kg UK Shipping 3  < 8,000g   9.32  
8.00kg 10.00kg UK Shipping 4  < 10,000g   10.00  
10.00kg 20.00kg UK Shipping 5  < 20,000g   11.65  
20.00kg 30.00kg UK Shipping 6  Parcel Extra Large   19.99  
30.00kg 100000.00kg UK Heavy Haulage  UK Heavy Haulage   56.00  
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